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Floor Stains

A floor stain is perfect for a wooden floor that is starting to look worn out. Oil-based hardwood floor staining gives you the opportunity to change the colour of your floor and try something new, without having to pay to replace your flooring. It also provides protection against everything your floor may have to deal with, such as shoes, wheels, and water.  Our T & J floor sanding team always go in before we apply a stain, ensuring the coating won’t highlight any scuffs or scratches, instead focusing on the beauty of your freshly sanded floor.

Lime Wash

Liming your floors is a striking option in contrast to conventional staining and finishing. It gives a paler floor and will create a lighter look. It can truly improve the vibe of a room. It is powerful on pine wood planks.

Though it’s a technique that’s been used for years, our customers rarely know what lime washing does and how it can benefit their home. When it first came about, it was used to protect the wood but more recently, it’s been adopted to achieve a bleached wood effect. Simple, easy and effective, you can give your floorboards the makeover they deserve by using lime washing as the end results are light and refreshing. What was once a poor persons quick fix to not having to paint has quickly become a fashionable must-have among home renovators.


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