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Deck Sanding

In this type of service, it is essential to check the sub-floor condition and how much it is isolated from the soil. That is a crucial element in order not to humidify the tree from below.

We include this part in the service and do a proper check to make sure what can be done.

Decks have different types of wood that can be used and the sanding process there definitely requires professionalism. Separately, sealing of the surface is done with other coatings (in the case of staining, polishing) to be healthy for a longer period of time.

Deck Oiling

T & J Floor Sanding also tends to use composite materials to build your deck because of their durability.

Offers the same protection and shine as a wax but is more durable and easier to maintain. It is also easier to refinish a floor that has been oiled compared to a waxed floor. The only issue with oil is that it will take longer to dry so, if you have patience, this could be a good option for your wood floor. Please note that oil can only be applied over a previously used wood stain if that stain was water-based. If it isn’t a water-based stain, the oil will not sink in effectively and you may get some mixed results.

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