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Floor Repairs

We strive to take a good corner of each and every corner of your floors. Sometimes pieces of your floorboards, suffering physical damage, can be found. They can either be repaired by fixing the parts back together, or by replacing said pieces from your parquet, or another type of flooring.

Floor repairing actually involves a wide variety of activities, starting from replacing a wood block, filling gaps, sanding the floor, staining it, all the way up to seal it.

We have timber repair solutions for:

  • Joist ends
  • Carrier beams
  • Wall plates
  • Beam strengthening
  • Timber resin splices

This variety of options allows our team to recommend and apply the most suitable timber repair for your property.

If you need a flooring repaired or restored we have the right solution for you. Our crew provides professional repairs. Water damaged repairs, scratches and dented floor boards repairs. We have the right rate and the perfect solution for your damaged flooring system.

If you need more information about repairs, or want to contact us about our floor sanding and floor polishing services, we’d love to hear from you.

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